1. Bass fixed

    I have got this huge, heavy, Frudua bass guitar speaker to fix. A friend of my boy almost threw it away, right before I salvaged it. The passive circuit was ok, all drivers as well, all it took was some re-shaping of the internal wiring. Not really sure it works ...

  2. Tube galore

    I’m building the uTracer 3+ so I thought getting some validation hardware would be smart. Ricardo took care of it, now I have a tube galore at home, probably enough to store 10-12 bytes or produce ~ 5‘000 W of warm feeling.

    5'000 W

    two brothers

  3. Cisco DevNet Express, Berlin, dec. 2015

    Coming back from Cisco DevNet hackaton in Berlin, I must admit that Cisco has got some points: they offer REST API’s for their products, with clear documentation, and easy to use authentication. Most of the stuff we have touched are cool and easy to use, ready for your SOA ...

  4. Moving to Pelican

    I have decided to move away from Wordpress for my home page. Reasons are, maintaining it with all the upgrades of Wordpress, themes and plugins is stressful, because you need to keep up with all the security issues. To avoid them, I used mod_security, but the config gets complicated as ...

  5. Le pain de Christian

    So here comes the bread recipe, we have been asked. It is optimized for our oven and metal cauldron. So you will need to experiment a couple of times to get the best results.

    pain 1

    • About 850g of flour. (I take some 400g of dark flour and some half-dark flour).
    • I ...
  6. Le Waterzooi de Christine

    Plat pour 4 personnes, compter une heure de préparation.


    Ingrédients :

    • 4 filets de poulet
    • une branche de poreau
    • 5 carottes
    • 5 branches de céleri
    • 8 pommes-de-terre

    Préparation des légumes et de la viande :

    • émincer les légumes en julienne (fins et petits)
    • dans une cocotte, étuver les légumes durant 20 minutes ...




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