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cool web service

We should use them more often. Less crap around, zendesk, all happy.

2014, still no CalDAV in Micro$oft Outlook

I’m tired of these products following no standards. I have tried many plugins in Outlook for Windows, to sync a bunch of calendars and contacts from Davical and Owncloud. Either unstable or clunky GUI. Or both. When will Microsoft realise it’s time to play with the other kids ?

New kind of Micro$oft bull$hit

Unknown error in Windows update. I mean, seriously, what kind of crappy bull$hitware is this ? I even paid for this. And this is supposedly “Enterprise-Class” ?  

Oracle gets a F-

Sad to see how Oracle broke Solaris. I started with Solaris 2.1 around 1991, we had a good 15-years ride together. Now read what James Gosling think about Oracle’s job.

Calling BS level 5 !

On November 13, I ordered 3 items from an online shop which pretended to have them in stock. 16 days later, only one of them arrived. After several complaints, here is the answer I got after asking for explanations: Unser Lieferant welcher die Sennheiser Kopfhörer liefert musste Insolvenz anmelden, und alles reorganisieren, um die Waren […]

Avoiding D-Link forever

Whow. NSA has its fingers everywhere.

Service-provider NMS / Overlapping IP addresses with Zenoss Core

Zenoss Core cannot be used properly to manage overlapping IP addresses. The commercial version of Zenoss can do it, but the design they used to piggyback this feature is the usage of realms to segregate conflicting IPs, so if you have custA and custB both using, they end up being stored as custA: and custB: […]

2013 and still crashing

Microsoft still crashing… why do I have to endure such a high-level of bullshit after all these years ?  

When did you sit on a 60’000 € chair for the last time ?

First impression with SAP

At a customer site, starting March the 1st, we have to book our hours in a tool called ProTime, based on SAP. My first impression: these guys should go to basic lessons on GUI design. Here is the login mask on my browser. Yes, you see it right: the font is about Arial 5, the […]