Another life-dumping-log of a geek, which prefers Linux/UNIX to the rest.

When coding

I prefer Python and Django. Over the years, I have been confronted with a lot of things, starting with Digital Equipment VT220 and a car-sized VAX behind it. I then used and administered Ultrix, SunOS, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, IBM AIX, and at some point (I think around 1996) Linux. When system administration ceased to be a challenge, I moved one layer up, into scripting, application development, and software integration (you know, it’s when you buy an expensive box, find it complicated with a lot of english documentation, then pass it to my desk to make it work). Check my company web site for details.

When sailing

A boat needs stability to avoid capsizing. They are two ways to get it :


In 2003, I had a chance to jump aboard the Sedov, largest tall-ship in the world. I was incorporated into the crew of the foremost mast. My mast chief was permanently shouting “ДАВАЙ-ДАВАЙ” to get jobs done, so I named my boats after him.



Picture by Pascal Francey. June 3, 2007, lake of Biel, Switzerland. The wind was 1-2 Bft, and I’m already hanging out. As Benji says : it’s not clear why anyone would sail anything different than the A-Class catamarans.

Community engagements


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