Cisco DevNet Express, Berlin, dec. 2015

Coming back from Cisco DevNet hackaton in Berlin, I must admit that Cisco has got some points: they offer REST API’s for their products, with clear documentation, and easy to use authentication. Most of the stuff we have touched are cool and easy to use, ready for your SOA/micro-services/distributed/scalable/your-acronym OSS/NMS.


We touched a bunch of technologies, e.g.

Thanks to all the Cisco crew there, Mike, Bruno, Tobias, Brian and the organizing crew for their excellent work and food. The way the event was organized (hackaton on crowded tables) was much more efficient than the usual large room and 1-to-many presentation.

leaving america

Berlin is a nice city, with good food and excellent beer selection. Just a warning, airport Tegel is closer than Schönefeld, so check this before arriving at 10pm, the final part of the trip will be less annoying.