Do not buy Koowheel products, do not buy from

My son Edouard is 19 years old. He worked hard as a student to collect enough money to buy an electric skateboard. He was convinced these products are cool. He purchased his Koowheel on 22 August 2019 from, for 454€.

Since then, the board has never worked in a satisfactory manner, and never for more than 10-15 minutes. Initially Voltaboards were quite responsive, but Edouard never got a working board. Sending defective parts from Switzerland to Netherlands is an expensive affair, and sending li-ion battery packs with Swiss Post (or any other shipping company) is very problematic. The dialog with Voltaboards has vanished since we asked for a refund. They pretend it is not in their sales conditions. However, under the Europeans laws, they have to replace defective products. Instead, they have stopped answering our emails and requests for a full refund.

After about 50 emails over a period of 14 months, I have given up on the hope to see Edouard riding a functional Koowheel board and had to tell him he can’t recover his hard-earned money.

Avoid Koowheel and

As a consequence, I can only recommend to avoid Koowheel products (unreliable) and (unfair shop) for any of your future purchases.