HP fake load

The burn-in process of tubes can be loud, and take 2-3 days. So better push that sound to dummy speakers. Matt Renaud gave me the idea on DIY Audio Projects. His web site is as well of prime quality, see his post on about the same test equipment. Pete Millett had about the same idea. Not sure who was first, that’s not really important.

So I had a need, two model, three or more ideas… let’s go, and with the explanations of Matt on how to build these nice wood enclosures and the purchase of some tools, here we go.

HP fake load 1

I bought 8 huge resistors of 8Ω / 50W from Surplus Sales of Nebraska, good tip from Pete, as these things are costly. They are connected in 2 blocks of 4, each one in serial/parallel configuration, to provide 8Ω or 4Ω by using the middle point. This is the resulting scheme.

HP fake load scheme

HP fake load 2

Thanks to Matt and Pete for the inspiration !