Le pain de Christian

So here comes the bread recipe, we have been asked. It is optimized for our oven and metal cauldron. So you will need to experiment a couple of times to get the best results.

pain 1

  • About 850g of flour. (I take some 400g of dark flour and some half-dark flour).
  • I add 3 tea-spoons of salt.
  • I add 1/2 tea-spoon of dried yeast.
  • I put it into the machine and have it mix that stuff half a minute or so.
  • Then I add 5dl of lukewarm water.
  • Have it kneaded for roughly 15min.

Cover leave for at least 12 hours (There is very little yeast, so it takes a lot of time).

Then I take it out, form a round bread loaf and let it rest for two hours.

Meanwhile I put an iron cauldron in the oven with the cover next to it and heat to 220 degrees for 40 minutes.

Then I take the bread loaf with my hands and put it in the cauldron, put the cover on it and leave it in the oven for 35 minutes.

Then I take the cover away and leave it for another 30 minutes at the same temperature.

Done. The point with this recipe is a strong crust and fairly big holes. I believe the holes grow even bigger with a more wet dough, but it is more difficult to handle that way.

pain 2

That was my first test. Obviously, the holes aren’t big enough yet, but trust me, it was delicious !