Visiting Perrefitte

I thought England had the strangest way of numbering houses, but this is even more creative. Located in an otherwise nice village called Perrefitte.

Oracle gets a F-

Sad to see how Oracle broke Solaris. I started with Solaris 2.1 around 1991, we had a good 15-years ride together. Now read what James Gosling think about Oracle’s job.

Calling BS level 5 !

On November 13, I ordered 3 items from an online shop which pretended to have them in stock. 16 days later, only one of them arrived. After several complaints, here is the answer I got after asking for explanations:

Unser Lieferant welcher die Sennheiser Kopfhörer liefert musste Insolvenz anmelden, und alles reorganisieren, um die Waren welche er noch hat zu versenden. Ihre Bestellung sollte im Verlauf der nächsten Woche bei Ihnen eintreffen.

I have read so much bullshit in the last 10-or-so years of online shopping, but that one is easily level-5 bullshit. So either the remaining two items arrive before December 6, or I publish the shop name herein with a negative comment on

Avoiding D-Link forever

Whow. NSA has its fingers everywhere.

Service-provider NMS / Overlapping IP addresses with Zenoss Core

Zenoss Core cannot be used properly to manage overlapping IP addresses. The commercial version of Zenoss can do it, but the design they used to piggyback this feature is the usage of realms to segregate conflicting IPs, so if you have custA and custB both using, they end up being stored as custA: and custB: Because you then need one remote collector per customer, this solution does not scale if you have many customers, you end up with many collectors.

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a bad day, indeed

Got a brand new T-shirt this morning, spilled tomato-curry sauce on it during lunch. Then ESL says the flight I booked is too early, have to get a new flight. Then all the Zenoss ZenPacks I try are broken, Shane Scott’s IP-SLA Zenpack does not work on Zenoss 4.2, and over all my friend rips out our Nacra jib.

I think I shall avoid touching my car for the rest of the day. Already enough shit in the fan for today.

2013 and still crashing

Microsoft crashing

Microsoft still crashing… why do I have to endure such a high-level of bullshit after all these years ?


When did you sit on a 60’000 € chair for the last time ?

First impression with SAP

SAP ProTimeAt a customer site, starting March the 1st, we have to book our hours in a tool called ProTime, based on SAP. My first impression: these guys should go to basic lessons on GUI design. Here is the login mask on my browser. Yes, you see it right: the font is about Arial 5, the mask on my 24″ screen is really small.

And this crap is coming from a huge software company selling it for gazillions of €€€. Go figure, are the customers all blind ? Or do I get old and need goggles ?

Why it is not the end of the world

Well, we are Saturday 22, and the world did not end. Here is my explanation :

  • 4’000 years ago, a stone-sculptor called Smarty was given a task by Nokopf, his manager: craft a stone agenda valid for the next 6’000 years.
  • being a good worker, and wanting to satisfy his boss, Smarty searched for a very large stone, and found one near his village in south America.
  • Smarty made a plan to display the specified 6’000 years on the stone, and then started to sculpt the stone.
  • After one year sculpting, Nokopf (the boss) came to check the project status. He noticed Smarty was doing a very good job, but too slow for his taste. Nokopf had to report to his own boss, himself called Lehrkopf. Lehrkopf had the bad habit of cutting heads away when he was angry, and Nokopf had plans to keep his head atop his shoulders. So Nokopf asked Smarty to work faster.
  • Smarty said : boss, I can work faster, but I have to use a bigger font. As a consequence, I will only be able to sculpt 4’000 years on this stone.
  • Nokopf then answered : never mind, use whatewer font you want, but have it done in time !
  • Smarty then continued the calendar using the bigger font, and finished it on time. The last day sculpted was 2012, 21st of December. No room for 22nd or further days.
  • Nokopf then made a huge party, inviting Lehrkopf and all other bosses (there were many of them in those ancient times). He publicly noticed how well he drove the project, barely mentioning Smarty’s work. Nokopf got a bonus for his excellent manager talent: he was allowed to select one more girl for his harem (expensive swiss watches didn’t exist in those ancient times). Smarty got a bonus as well, he could eat a second banana during the party (Tirami’su didn’t exist yet, either).

4’000 years later:

  • thousands of dumb asses make all sorts of stupid speculations about how the world will end on December 21st, 2012.
  • engineers continue to work as usual, because they are the Smarties of our world.
  • managers continue to get bonus for being smart and applying the Pareto principle