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a test from my iPhone

Blogpress is an iPhone app to post blog entries. With BTstack, a Bluetooth keyboard and a jailbroken iPhone, it’s quite usable for posting on the go.

1195 days uptime. Try this with Window$

I’m sure someone will complain about the non-patched status of this server and tell me I’m a loosy admin.

expensive thermometer

I had to certify a new device category on a customer NMS, naming a Cisco 2911. To check whether Cisco did a good job with their MIB, I had to cool it down, which was easy, as we have winter right now. Success, zone-IntakeLeft went down to 10°. I had to close the windows to […]

Welcome SUI 223, long live SUI 192

Yeah, I got my new sail number yesterday, it will be SUI 223. Good luck to the new owner of SUI 192, my dear ДАВАЙ-ДАВАЙ.

DAViCal automated backup

This little script automates the dump of your DAViCal database : #!/bin/sh PATH=/bin:/usr/bin export PATH backup_location=/data/backups/davical now=`date “+%Y.%m.%d_%H.%M.%S”` backup_file=$backup_location/davical_$now.pgdump su – postgres -c “pg_dump -Fc davical > $backup_file” gzip $backup_file # remove old backups find $backup_location -type f -name “davical_*.pgdump.gz” -mtime +30 -exec rm {} \; exit 0 Install it as /etc/cron.daily/davical_backup on your Linux […]

davical rocks

DAViCal is an implementation of the CALDAV standard. It’s open source, developed by Andrew McMillan, and quite simple to install if you know a few bits of Apache configuration. I got it working with two iCal instances and 2 iPhones (wife and me), with a few shared calendars for family and kids stuff. In version […]

ils en ont une grosse paire, ceux-là

Pour éviter que tous les couillons de la planète continuent de massacrer les baleines et les requins qui restent, Sea Shepherd a besoin de votre contribution.