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Rep. Candice Miller continues to spam non-american citizen with public money

The spams comes from Congresswoman.CandiceMillerE-Newsletter@MAIL.HOUSE.GOV. Your congresswoman is spending tax money to send spam. Besides, she sends spam to Switzerland citizen, which most probably don’t give a dam for what she thinks. Michigan voters are probably in need for another Congresswoman the next time they elect someone.

Le pain de Christian

So here comes the bread recipe, we have been asked. It is optimised for our oven and metal cauldron. So you will need to experiment a couple of times to get the best results. poor environmental behavior

I ordered my new Canon S100 camera from, mainly because they pretended to have it in stock. Along with the camera, I ordered a second NB-5L battery pack and a Transcend 32 Gb SDHC card. I paid everything in advance with my credit card. So far so good.