About me

Another life-dumping-log of a geek, which prefers Linux/UNIX to the rest.

When sailing, you need stability. They are two ways to get it :

  • a big, heavy lead bulb under the boat (if you dig, you find lead. That’s why we call these boats “lead mines”.)
  • a second hull (makes more sense, and that’s why I prefer it this way)

My cat

Picture by Pascal Francey. June 3, 2007, lake of Biel, Switzerland. The wind was 1-2 Bft, and I’m already hanging out. As Benji says : it’s not clear why anyone would sail anything different than the Class A catamarans.

When not sailing, I’m an ETS engineer specialising in UNIX & network monitoring, doing SunOracle Solaris and Linux. Check my company web site for details.

During my free time or when there is not enough wind to lift a hull, I’m as well webmaster, maintainer and editor for www.bordee-de-tribord.ch and president of SACA.

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