Radio Paradise

Definitely the best radio stream since I’m listening to online music. Go ahead and support them.

A bunch of great men

The sailors doing the Vendée Globe are really great men, they deserve all our admiration for their courage. As a swiss citizen, I stand behind Bernard Stamm and Dominique Wavre even if all the competitors deserve our respect. Fair Winds guys !

Cheminées Poujoulat

You need Asana

AsanaAsana managed to gather a few very good coders, and their shared task list is a really great tool. The workspace / project / task / sub-task model is nothing new, but they made it easy to use, and free up to 30 people. Amazing stuff, you definitely want it!

You need Evernote

I have switched over many note-taking systems during the last years, but nothing come close to Evernote. If you don’t have it yet, go ahead, it’s extremely cool and easy to use. There is even a Linux version called Nevernote.

Switching to SIP pays off quickly

I switched over from Swisscom POTS to Netvoip SIP (with phone number porting) end of July. After about 1.5 month, it already pays off : I went from about 50 CHF per month (25.- line subscription plus ~ 25.- calls costs) to about 15.- / month. I can only recommend Netvoip : good voice quality, easy switchover, quick support, worked out of the box with my Siemens Gigaset C475IP. In short, a good move !

The reason why Windows Phone 8 will fail

Reading this on Engadget :

Microsoft confirms no upgrade path to Windows Phone 8, unveils 7.8 for legacy devices.


The debate can now be laid to rest: devices currently running on Windows Phone 7.5 will not be on the receiving end of the long-awaited Apollo update (aka Windows Phone 8).

One of the best features of iDevices are their capability to get the latest firmware. People don’t want new phones, they want new features. Providing them with an upgrade path for their expensive smartphones is the best way to keep them on board for the long term. My bet : Windows Phone 8 will never get any relevance in the market. Remember the Zune ? Same people, same failure.

MacVim with graphical file browser

Thanks to the work of Eloy Duran, MacVim has now a file-drawer extension. Here is a screenshot to motivate you to try it : Continue Reading »

Rep. Candice Miller continues to spam non-american citizen with tax money

Well, what can I do to avoid this spam, and what American citizen can do to avoid seeing their tax money used to send spam the world ???

Once again, sent from Congresswoman.CandiceMillerE-Newsletter@MAIL.HOUSE.GOV. You know, mail servers paid by the US tax payer.

rsyslog config for network devices

In a network environment, Cisco devices can be configured to send their syslog messages to a central syslog server. Ubuntu (10.04 LTS) has rsyslog as default syslog package, and I had some trouble creating a working config due to a nasty bug in rsyslog. Here is a cookbook to go around it : Continue Reading »

Rep. Candice Miller continues to spam non-american citizen with public money

The spams comes from Congresswoman.CandiceMillerE-Newsletter@MAIL.HOUSE.GOV. Your congresswoman is spending tax money to send spam. Besides, she sends spam to Switzerland citizen, which most probably don’t give a dam for what she thinks. Michigan voters are probably in need for another Congresswoman the next time they elect someone.

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